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Web Design


I'm Ana Fernández,
Creative Designer
based in Saint John, NB.

I have experience working with marketing agencies, as well as being the creative department of small companies.
While I am comfortable working on my own, I am very much a team player. I have a passion for creating and learning.
I enjoy collaborating with others, both as part of a team and with my clients whether those clients are growing businesses, or individuals working toward achieving a personal project. I have a strong work ethic based in
respect for my clients, and always work to consider the user when I am working to develop a project.
I was born entrepreneur!! I enjoy doing projects with my hands, I am a eggplant lover and I hiking addict.

What I Do
Brand Identity

My blood is colorful. I can not live without being in a project. I support businesses graphically and strategy in their growth.

Web design

HTML and CSS are two great friends with I usually hang out to create websites with personality.


This is "spontaneous something" with I was born and makes everything I do have a different impact on others.

Print + Digital Design / Logo Design / Brand Development / Guerrilla Marketing / Signage / Automotive Wraps / Labels / Packaging / Design Consultation / Books / Brochures / Business cards / Postcards
Who I work with
Entrepreneurs / Artistic & Artisans Community / Food Industry / Fairs / Small Businesses / Startups / Non-Profits / Photographers / Marketing Agencies / Health Specialist
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Let's get started
Happy to meet you
Thanks for taking the time to get to know me! Feel free to look my Profile and Social media channels. Everything starts with an email, a coffee or a wine.
Ana Fernández

Creative Designer

+1 236 777 9479